BMW Z4 GT3 – Revised and Re-tuned

2010 was not a good year for the GT3 racing version of BMW Z4 and to make up for that this car has undergone some tweaks for the new season. In the anticipation of the new season, the car is revised and re-tuned to improve the performance and efficiency.

The revised GT3 BMW Z4 features an extended bonnet, long wheel base, narrow wheel arches and also the compartment of drive is towards the rear side. The car is powered by 4.4-L eight-cylinder engine rather than the production version that contain six-cylinder engine. In order to improve the performance and efficiency of the vehicle, the engineers at BMW Motorsport re-tuned the aerodynamics of the car as well.

For the weight reduction, carbon fiber is used in front and rear wings, roof, bonnet, fenders and several other components. The revised edition does have a rigid, precision steel tubing safety cell.

The revised edition leaves the option open for the drivers to make necessary modifications and customization when needed. The modern ECU 408 is introduced for the improved engine management along with Power400 electronic control unit mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters.

The price set for this revised edition BMW Z4 is Euro 315,000.

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